Dear Mr. Boyd:

It’s been my personal experience in life that dealing with simple trials and tribulations that most of us can overcome can even be tasking but we try and muddle through it with our own moral values. Then there are situations that pop up that even “Good Old Mom” can’t help aside from support and the unconditional love a mother instinctively gives you. For myself, there is nothing more fearful than being involved in a legal matter and not knowing which way to tum. In my case, knowing I was innocent was still not good enough
for allowing a sound sleep at night and securing the fact that I was not at fault. However the odds were against me or at least that’s what I kept on drilling into my mind ••• then I turned to you Mr. Boyd.

We went over the case in detail and aside from you looking down at the information provided to you, you looked at me directly in the eyes with care. I felt so at ease as you explained the case scenario with confidence. Not once did I feel that you were trying to
placate me. Not once did I feel like it was all about getting my case for monetary gain. You gave me relief. Deep down inside I knew you really cared. You worked with me without hesitation. That afternoon when I left your office, no matter what the outcome of my case
may have been, which at the time was the last thing on my mind, because I was so at ease as I placed my immediate future in your hands. There was no doubt that you were going to work your hardest to make sure i was dealt with in a fair and dignified manner.

Mr. Boyd, as crunch time came and we went to court the confidence was overwhelming but I must be honest, I thought this has to be to good to be true but it wasn’t. You were true to your word and you delivered everything that you stated. We walked out of the courtroom unscathed, successful. I want to thank you for winning my case and for sincerely caring about my well being. Most importantly, I feel like I gained a True Friend. Thank you again for caring.

D. Eric Barlowe