Criminal Law

Most prevalent statewide area of practice. I have successfully represented clients in Federal and State Courts throughout Florida.

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 Serious Injury

Including automobile accidents, products liability, and any injury caused by another. I have specifically succeeded in this area at the Florida Supreme Court.
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A strong reputation for standing up to inappropriate, intrusive, and abusive government. Protecting individual rights against government control.

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 Family Law

Career practicing all areas of family law including: Divorces, Child Custody, Support, Modifications and precious Adoptions.

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 Business Law

Representing local businesses, not only in local court, but wherever there businesses have legal needs, including out of state.

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Treasure Coast Law Office

My name is Curtis Boyd,  owner of J. Curtis Boyd, P.A.  For over 20 years I have proudly provided quality legal representation, emphasizing a personal nature. A significant portion of my work is for local residents and businesses, as I am myself a lifetime resident.  It is no secret that having "local" representation can often make the difference. My community involvement literally covers decades.

My legal experience and successes, however, are far more broad than my Treasure Coast legal services, covering practically every County in Florida, including Federal and State Courts and the Florida Supreme Court.

Personally, and as an attorney for those I represent, I do not tolerate government abuse, or litigation frivolity, of any nature.   I have certainly demonstrated such over the years, and I am proud of the resulting reputation.  My clients will tell you that I take a straightforward, efficient approach to their issues.
  • 20 Years Experience

  • Lifelong Resident

  • Personal & Aggressive

Treasure Coast Law Office  

Latest News

Curtis Boyd Accepts ARC donation

Curtis Boyd Accepts ARC donation

curtisboyd  Comments (0)
Curtis Boyd, acting as the ARC of St. Lucie County president, accepted a donation from the Knights of Columbus. It is always great to see different organizations throughout St. Lucie County join together.


  • Some people go the extra mile. Thanks for being one of them.


  • Thank you so much for taking our case. You are a wonderful man and a fabulous attorney. I greatly appreciated your straight forward-no bs approach with me during the case. Your passion and dedication to your community are two of your amazing qualities. I admire you for many thanks. I have many people to be thankful for… and you are one of them.

    Cymantha Lynn

  • Thank you for your excellent legal advice and services. Thank you for your support staff.

    Eric Thompson

  • Curtis Boyd is all heart. His commitment to his community, as shown by his countless hours inspiring young people to be the best they can be, can't be measured because it's priceless.

    Linda Hudson, Mayor