The city of Fort Pierce has a rich history with our coastline and it’s imperative that we keep our beaches clean. Curtis has routinely participated in beach cleanups throughout the Treasure Coast.

Why do we need to cleanup the Beaches?

It’s important to clean up the trash around the beaches because it it detrimental to the local marine life. Litter, such as cigarettes, straws, plastic, bottle caps, wrappers and fishing line, can be swallowed or entangle the marine animal causing severe harm and death. Lures, hooks and other fishing equipment also poses a threat to the thousands of people who enjoy our beaches daily.

How to help

Beach cleanups are an easy way to get involved. Together we can clean up hundreds/thousands of pounds of trash in a few hours. It’s a great way to get exercise, enjoy the sun and keep enjoying our beautiful beaches and coastlines in Fort Pierce, Florida.
Also, always make sure to clean up your area when you visit the beach. Pick up any loose trash and secure your items so the wind does not blow any away. Every bit helps.